How to Create a Pet Policy for Your Office


Creating an office pet policy for your agen bola sbobet business? Here are five crucial points to include.
Workplace stress has a negative impact on employee performance, which can lead to a high error rate and poor quality work.
Pets in the workplace may be one way to increase employee productivity and motivation.
You’ll need to follow certain steps before allowing pets in the workplace.
Working with animals is a dream for some, and you don’t have to be a zookeeper or vet to do so. Offices today are increasingly becoming pet-friendly. If you work in the right setting (i.e., not a construction site, restaurant or noncompliant workplace), and your lease and health regulations allow it, you might have the chance to share your workplace with furry friends.

Office pets might lead to some controversy with some employees (and managers), but if there’s a decent policy in place that accommodates pet owners and employees with concerns about pets in the office, you should be able to strike a happy balance.

First things first: Check with your landlord to make sure your lease allows pets in the building. If it’s not explicitly spelled out, ask.

Second, does your business have anything to do with food? If so, you should consult your local licensing bureau, which likely has some firm guidelines and regulations about animals in the workplace.

Ultimately, according to David Everett Strickler, marketing director for Pacific Office Interiors, you should include your employees in the policymaking process so you can all agree on what’s best for the company. If you need some guidance, here are six points to include in your pet policy.

Pets must be vaccinated
Vaccinations protect pets from potentially life-threatening diseases and infections, some that might even be transmitted to humans. For the safety of both your pets and your workers, you should require proof of vaccination before allowing any animal in the office.

“A current (renew annually) veterinary record proving wellness, heartworm prevention, parasite control and vaccine compliance must be provided to HR prior to visitation,” said Beth Stultz, vice president of Pet Sitters International. That way, there are no dangers, worries or liabilities.