The most interesting travel stories on the web


In some cases venture out simply doesn’t go to design. We’ve all been confronted with hindrances – and regularly they become the minutes that make your outing. On different events, there’s no other option for you yet sit back, chuckle and take the path of least resistance. Here are ten individuals who needed to do only that…

1. The father who attempted to film an excursion to Vegas, however simply recorded his face

Irishman Joseph Griffin picked up web reputation after he got confounded working his child’s GoPro. Rather than catching his outing to Las Vegas, he figured out how to film only close-ups of his face. “Maybe a future in vlogging could anticipate Mr Griffin”, The Telegraph kidded, after his child transferred the clasp to YouTube.

2. The person who unsteadily reserved an outing to Rio

Following a night out in Glasgow, 24-year-old Jamie Ather got up to find he’d booked a pass to Rio. Rather than moaning about his smashed mix-up, he chose to make a stunning excursion. The exercise? “Once in a while you’ve gotta simply go with it”, state Buzzfeed.

3. The man who discovered his doppelganger on Ryanair

More than 23,000 retweets validate the way that this possibility meeting on board a Ryanair flight almost broke the web. Yet, not exclusively were this uncannily comparable pair situated together on the plane, The Guardian reports that they significantly later looked into a similar inn.

4. The football fans who wound up in an inappropriate Wales for the major event

In the event that you need another update that depending on your satnav is a poorly conceived notion, this story is it. A gathering of Belgian football fans went in excess of 200 miles off base on their way to an Euro qualifier, winding up in South Yorkshire instead of Cardiff.