The best airborne perspectives on the planet


Got a head for statures? In case you’re wanting another point of view on your movements, the best activity is get up high – or wonder about the photographs of those that have. From peak displays to cityscapes, here are 17 of the world’s most staggering flying perspectives. What’s more, in case you’re still under coronavirus lockdown, don’t stress: they’re similarly as shocking from the solace of your couch.

1. Tourist balloon over the Maasai Mara, Kenya

No measure of narrative watching can set you up for the perspective on the well known Maasai Mara at day break. As you glide up in a sight-seeing balloon and the sun gradually rises, the savannah stirs beneath you: wildebeests, zebras and impalas nibble on the undulating fields, unthinkably smooth giraffes stride over the open fields and lions and cheetahs tail their implore.

2. See Fez’s tanneries Chouwara, Morocco

Follow the odor of color, cowhide and pigeon fertilizer to one of the numerous shops that bend over as vantage focuses over the antiquated tanneries Chouwara.

Daring the smell and the perspectives are justified, despite all the trouble. Beneath you, among the city’s housetops, loosened up calfskins heat in the sun and heap color filled pits inundated with shading make a striking mosaic of mustard-yellow, ochre, profound purple, indigo and greenish blue.

3. Get a feathered creatures eye perspective on Machu Picchu, Peru

Consider Machu Picchu and one picture comes into view: disintegrating ruins ready on a clear green terraced mountainside, with Huayna Picchu’s horn-formed approaching top out of sight.

However, there is another, similarly amazing, yet far-less renowned perspective: the one from Huayna Picchu itself. The trek up the mountain is hard however the view over the remains beneath, the thickly forested mountains and the wandering Urubamba River are justified, despite all the trouble.